Benefits of joining Stargazer

We offer everything you need to be a more successful creator: audience development, sponsorships and collaborations with brands, production and editing teams, strategy and content protection, legal advice.


We manage all your business inquiries. Our social media experts will optimize your channel and advise you personally.


You can participate in campaigns with brands to generate extra income, without forgetting that now your channels will improve their profitability by being better optimized.


We will help you with the design of your channel. We can even lend equipment and a set in Miami, NYC, SF and Los Angeles.


Come when you want to our facilities to record or work. You can meet other youtubers and participate in events every month.


We will offer you a first fiscal orientation to manage your income and we will facilitate contact with a specialized partner company.


Become a true entrepreneur. We will be pleased to help you create your own collection!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a digital production company specialized in communication on YouTube and Instagram where we manage talents and produce content. On the one hand, talents who already have their own channel, we will offer everything they need to be more successful. On the other hand, we carry out productions, creating new formats and managing our own channels.
A multi-platform network (MPN) is an organization that offers content creators on YouTube & other platforms, assistance in areas such as production, promotion, management, monetization, in exchange for a percentage of their revenue.
In United States there are other MPN, but what differentiates us is the strong commitment to resources that we are making: our staff is made up of social media experts, we have studies and production and editing teams in Miami and Los Angeles, we invest in our own productions and We have agreements with strategic partners. In addition, the fact that we are simultaneously on both sides of the United States also places us in a key strategic position. We seek excellence in our practices, we are specialized in what we do and we want to be the best, so our priority is to grow our creators, help them get the most out of everything YouTube & Instagram offers with a personalized service.
Of course, you will be the owner of your content and your channel. We offer you advice, but you are free to decide if you want to follow our recommendations.